Weezer – Raditude

Review Score: 1.3

Like so many others that cherish and love The Blue Album and Pinkerton, I feel nothing but anger and resentment for Weezer’s inexplicable 180 turn following those two masterpieces. Ever since 2001’s Green Album things have steadily but surely gone from average to mediocre to down right awful for Rivers and his boys.

A bad album by some unknown schmucks is one thing, but when one of the most beloved indie rock bands does nothing but sink lower and lower with every new release the outrage of fans everywhere is all the more prominent. Keeping true to recent tradition, Raditude sees Weezer digging the grave ever deeper. The difference here is that they have genuinely given up trying. Everything about this album, from the cover, to the song titles, to the lyrics, to the Lil’ Wayne collaboration, everything reeks of taking the piss.

Content with their fate of has-beens (at least from an artistic point of view), Rivers seems happy with writing about needing  girls and jewels on Can’t Stop Partying or going to the mall on, yep you guessed it, In The Mall. Don’t even get me started on the “indian influenced” Love is the Answer. Newsflash, Rivers, a certain Fab Four did this more than 40 years ago, but unlike you they did it right.

Compared to this awfulness, I’d have an easier time taking the newest Soulja Boy album seriously. Raditude is the kind of record that doesn’t merit any sort of bother whatsoever. My philosophy is if the artists aren’t trying, why should anyone else bother?

I’ll just end by saying this might be the final nail in the Weezer coffin for everyone that loves their earlier work. If however you find yourself in the group that liked The Red Album and Make Believe, you might get a few kicks out of this latest “effort”. As for me, I’m going to listen to Pinkerton now.


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