Tegan and Sara – Sainthood

Review Score: 6.7

Already on their sixth full length, the twin sister duo of Tegan and Sara have seemingly completed the transition from acoustic folky beginnings to all out no reservations pop. A good move I’d say, as their pop side seems to have the biggest fan appeal.

To really drive home the sound, the sisters have called on their past two producers, namely Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie and Howard Redekopp of The New Pornographers. Each had previously worked with Tegan and Sara but on separate occasions. Now working together on Sainthood they really add a fuller more studio orientated sound and push Tegan and Sara’s sonic comfort zone even further.  This is particularly evident on songs like Night Watch, with it’s barren, cold electronic soundscape, or the Postal Service influenced Alligator.

Speaking of cold, barren soundscapes, the sisters vocal harmonies make for an interesting counter balance to the producers’ electronic infusion and add another dimension to the duo’s songs.

The majority of the tracks on Sainthood are short, catchy, upbeat pop and make for an easy and enjoyable listen, if a little on the shallow side. Ironic if you consider that Sainthood gets it’s name from  Leonard Cohen’s Came So Far For Beauty. Indeed for an album and concept (love songs) influenced by one of the heaviest songwriters ever, Sainthood is distinctly light on the lyric side of things.

All in all a pleasant listen, but nothing anyone will remember in 3 months time.


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