Annie – Don’t Stop

Review Score: 6.3

So, following a few months hiatus, music has the right is back! And kicking it off again is Annie’s second full lenght, Don’t Stop. Her debut Anniemal was surprisingly very well received by critics everywhere and if I’m not mistaken it is one of the best “scored” pure bubblegum pop album of the past 5 years.

I say surprising because while it may be a very catchy and at times brilliant record, it still doesn’t break any sort of new ground and one would be hard pressed to find clear differences between it and the latest Madonna or Kylie Minogue album, maybe that’s just a sad indication of how far down mainstream pop has gone. Speaking of Kylie Minogue, Annie’s paper thin vocals are oddly familiar with the Australian pop stars’ both on Anniemal and on Don’t Stop. Nice, but if you ask me, tiring after the first few tracks.

Elsewhere it’s just more of the same bubblegum sweetness and catchy hooks people have come to expect from the Norwegian. Still, one can only take in so much sweet at a time and the lack of diversity really hits home. Also, this being her second album you’d expect a little bit of artistic growth, new tricks if you will, sadly these moments are few and far between, and that just won’t do.

So all around a pretty average record, a couple of good songs (Hey Annie, I Don’t Like Your Band), a couple of average songs (Marie Cherie, My Love is Better) and towards the end some all out BAD tracks (The Breakfast Song, Loco). Fans of her debut should have enough material here to keep them satisfied, but if you didn’t particularly like her first album there really isn’t anything here to change your mind. One more thing, no song on this record comes close to the brilliance that was Heartbeat.


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