Throw Me the Statue – Creaturesque

Review Score: 7.8

Following the 2007 debut, Moonbeams, that was a one man indie pop show  in which Scott Reitherman played almost every instrument himself, Throw Me the Statue expanded to a full on band and 2 years later they return to the spotlight with Creaturesque.

Scott Reitherman’s decision to expand his project proves to be an excellent one. The summery easy going mood of Moonbeams is still there but the songs have a more polished and well produced feel about them. The backing members do an excellent job of conveying Reitherman’s vision, better than he could have done alone. Creaturesque boasts all the strengths of Moonbeams and builds on them to achieve an accomplished progression.

Behind the obvious catchiness of the guitar riffs and keyboard melodies the real strength of Creaturesque is just how diverse it really is. Styles and genres change very frequently, sometimes even in the same song. You’ve got everything from the upbeat keyboard pop of the opener Waving at the Shore to the jammy mess of Hi-Fi Goon. If you’re feeling in the mood for some guitar folk a la Neutral Milk Hotel look no further than Baby, You’re Bored, and just try to keep track of how many times the melody and instruments change in the magnificent Dizzy From the Fall. Now, depending on where you stand on this, the unbelievable diversity that Creaturesque offers can be either a blessing or a curse, indeed not everyone will appreciate this diversity and some may even be put off by it. As for me, I think that for a band to maintain a general feel on an album while at the same time managing to cycle through numerous genres is a definitive strong point.

Throw Me the Statue succeed in creating a vibrant, diversified and melodious album that is sure to win over many fans with it’s undeniable charm and easygoing nature.


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