Japandroids – Post-Nothing

Review Score: 8.1

Between the myriad of pretentiousness and self absorbed pseudo-philosophical nonsense and shallowness that is today’s indie scene comes a record that, as the name suggests, refuses everything. Post-Nothing is saying no to anything and everything in favor of fun, unpretentious and guiltless guitar driven rock.

Brian King and David Prowse are the duo that make up Japandroids, and between the two of them they’ve managed to create some of the finest noise / garage rock of recent memory. While this sound has been going through some sort of revival over the past year, what with highly acclaimed albums from Wavves, Vivian Girls or No Age, the ones that seem to get it the best are Japandroids.

The reason they get it is because when you hear lyrics as innocent, unpretentious and fun as “must get to France so we can french kiss some french girls” drowned under a barrage of guitar noise it’s just like listening to Blitzkrieg Bop all over again. Pure guiltless fun, and that’s just how garage noise should be.

Listening to Post-Nothing, there isn’t a moment that seems forced or unnatural. When they scream out there hearts on the magnificent lead single Young Hearts Spark Fire everything seems just right and the simple, beautiful lyrics “We used to dream / Now we worry about dying / I don’t worry about dying / I just want to worry about those sunshine girls” put you under their spell and take you for a ride.

The shoegazy Crazy/Forever is all the more amazing when you realize that behind the incredible wall of sound that is blasting full volume from your speakers there are only two guys with drums and guitars, and you can’t help but ask how they do it. Continuing on the teenage love theme, I Quit Girls closes the album with one last bang of sound, noise, melody, drumming and distortion. When the dust settles, Japandroids remind everyone how fun music can be.


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