YACHT – See Mystery Lights

Review Score: 7.4

YACHT is the stage name of electronic music artist Jona Bechtolt. As of 2008 his girlfriend, Claire Evans, was also officially added to the project. See Mystery Lights is their first full fledged album together and also YACHT’s debut under DFA Records. This should come as no surprise because YACHT’s music shares very similar traits to fellow DFA act, LCD Soundsystem. It is upbeat, fun dance music that at the same time doesn’t shy away from witty lyrics and deeper meanings.

Opener Ring The Bell is the perfect example of YACHT’s style, featuring catchy beats and synth layers backed up by pseudo-philosophic lyrics “Will we go to heaven or will we go to hell? It’s my understanding that neither are real”. The second track, The Afterlife, continues exactly were the first one left off and this time examines the implications of death, all this in cheeky and fun YACHT style of course. Next are the auto-tuned vocals of I’m in Love With a Ripper and the way to long and repetitive, aptly named, It’s Boring/You Can Live Anywhere You Want.

The album’s centerpiece is the brilliant Psychic City (Voodoo City), which unless you’ve been living under a rock all summer, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of times. Psychic City defines catchy summer hits and that is rather worrisome because these kind of songs never last more than the season they’re released in. It’s also so much better than the rest of the album that it manages to put the other songs in the backseat and minimize them for the listener.

In the official mission statement Bechtolt calims that YACHT is “a Band, a Belief System and a Business conducted by Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans”. Of course this comes on as self irony, Bechtolt knowing that this kind of album can never mount to anything more than a fun, catchy summer record, to be played over and over one year and forgotten the next. Still taken for what it is, See Mystery Lights is a good album and a must for any would be party thrower.


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