Owl City – Ocean Eyes

Review Score: 3.1

When I first read about this LP and gazed upon the lines “similar to Postal Service” and “for people who enjoy Postal Service”, I had to get my hands on it immediately. Sadly, like so often is the case with music, the disappointment was very bitter.

Ocean Eyes promises to be a great piece of light, happy, summer electro-pop. Instead what you get is a boring, predictable, cheesy record that fails to deliver the goods on every level imaginable.

The Postal Service inspiration is clear as day, even Adam Young’s (the man behing Owl City) voice is disturbingly similar to Ben Gibbard. One might even say he actively tries to sound similar. But where Ben Gibbard’s music is enjoyable and pleasant, there is nothing pleasant about Adam Young’s Ocean Eyes.

The melodies, synths and arrangements are so poor, boring and predictable that it seems Young wasn’t even trying to make good music. The whole album seems cut out from a 90’s summer hits compilation, you know, the ones that always had a cover of a girl in a bikini on the beach.  And if you thought that was bad wait until you hear the lyrics. A 4 year old child could write more interesting stuff than “I spend my coldest nights alone awake and thinking of the weekend we were in love”.

The entire record is literally brimming with these kind of cringe worthy moments. While it may be argued that this kind of album doesn’t warrant any level of artistic depth to be fun and charming, it should at least try not to make me feel like a retarded monkey for listening to it.

Someone needs to let mister Young know that ripping off 90’s songs and pretending to write happy, goofy lyrics (and only succeeding in making them look stupid) doesn’t do anything but negatively affect his artistic integrity. That is, if he had any to begin with.


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