Our Lady Peace – Burn Burn

Review Score: 4.9

The vast majority of long time active bands always face some sort of identity crisis when they come at a point in their careers where maturity in one way or another settles in.  No longer wishing to employ the tired old sound they’re known for these bands strive to change themselves. To redefine oneself is a hard thing to do, more often than not bands fail miserably in this attempt. So what does a band do when it realizes that the end result of  change does nothing but make their creation worse? The only thing left to do is promise a “return to the old style”.

After trying new things with their past two albums (and ultimately failing), Our Lady Peace has reached the stage of “the return”. A promise of return to the far more successful era of 1997’s Clumsy or 1999’s Happiness…Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch. How effective the post-grunge, alternative rock sounds of the 90’s are in 2009 remains to be debated, but I say that if you’re going to try to bring back a long dead sound you better do it fucking right.

Predictably Burn Burn isn’t the triumphant return of the 90’s. It’s more of a desperate last hope scream of a band whose days are long behind them. The signature grunge loud-soft dynamic, the predictable choruses and guitar riffs. Their all there, making sure to always remind you that you’re witnessing Our Lady Peace’s dieing moments.

Paper Moon, the albums last song, almost comes on as self irony. Comes a time when you get turned around, and / Life itself just wears you out, but / You keep getting ready for the big parade Our Lady Peace’s co founder, Michael Maida, sings. They got ready, it’s just that the parade was canceled.


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