Portugal. The Man – The Satanic Satanist

The Satanic Satanist Review score: 7.8

Portugal. The Man is a very busy bunch, since their debut with 2006’s Waiter: “You Vultures!” they released a new LP every year. 2009 is no exception. This year brings their fourth album, entitled The Satanic Satanist it marks a move towards a more accessible sound in the band’s ever changing vision. It’s of course of no surprise, the band being known for reinventing itself  with every new release, but the decision to move towards a more pop orientated, radio friendly sound is one that will no doubt tear people between love and hate.

So if you come in expecting another Censored Colors or Church Mouth you will be disappointed. Come in with an opened mind and you will find a lovely little piece of indie pop, one more step in Portugal. The Man’s quest for musical identity.

I’ve never really been a fan of the “underground should stay underground” saying that seems to plague many. I say everything goes, as long as it’s good music, and indeed this is good music.  The Satanic Satanist may yet be Portugal. The Man’s breakthrough album. Where they’ll go with this new found popularity is anyone’s guess, but as long as they keep their current standard all should be well.

Standouts include Lovers In Love, The Sun and Do You. Yet while there isn’t really a track to point out as being weak, the album as a whole suffers quite a bit on the diversity side, the “I’m listing to the same song over and over again” effect unfortunately rears it’s ugly head again. That’s a real shame and really the only true fault in an otherwise great album.

Portugal. The Man’s frenetic work habits, musically wise, have turned out to bite them in the ass this time around. One can only hope that next time around they won’t rush themselves again and come out with a real masterpiece. In the end, had they took their time to really polish it out, this could have been a great album. Instead it’s just a good one, but hey, who’s complaining?


1 Response to “Portugal. The Man – The Satanic Satanist”

  1. 1 Skinner July 24, 2009 at 10:00 am

    Same song over and over again? Are you kidding? Not one song sounds like another from the album.

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