Florence and the Machine – Lungs

Florence and the Machine - Lungs Review score: 4.9

If this album taught me anything it is that Florence Welch is a person that loves to overindulge. Maybe she just has a sweet tooth, but like dentist will tell you, too many sweets spell trouble for your teeth.

Another interesting thing I learned is that she clearly has a very well defined view of what she likes musically (either that or her creativity is very limited indeed). This again brings me back to my original point about overindulgence, you see, too much of the same thing and sooner or later you get sick of it, way sooner if the thing in question is gratuitously over the top.

Sadly this album is full to the brink with just these kind of over the top moments. OK I get it, you can sing on very high notes and hold them for a long time, for the first couple of songs it is somewhat impressive, but by the time Howl comes round it gets very old. It gets so old in fact, that listening to this album start to finish in one go becomes quite a chore. The moment that happens you know you’re not listening to a very good album. Indeed Lungs is far from very good, it is a very average, very mediocre listen from start to finish.

The lack of diversity really cripples the album and it never really takes of, if this monotony is due to Florence’s limited abilities or lack of creativity is anyone’s guess. Either way its a real shame because the two good tracks on the album (Kiss With A Fist and Girl With One Eye) are the only ones that try to break away from the sticky, bombastic, look-at-me-I’m-so-pretty disjointed mess of the rest.

If Florence would have experimented more and let her imagination take her one step further this might have been a really good record. Instead she choose to take the safe route of sticking to a tried and tested formula. Its because of this that we end up with a very average run of the mill pop record. Maybe that suits Florence’s limited idea of what is good just fine. Me? I like diversity.


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